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About Us

Equine Products Ireland - Nurturing Excellence with Cal +.

Equine Products Ireland is a 100% family-owned business.

The owners have been involved in breeding thoroughbred horses for more than 30 years.

Having at one stage been one of the largest purchasers of Equine Supplements in Europe they quickly witnessed that the majority of products on the market were set up to provide massive mark ups for the producers and to provide only a small benefit to the purchaser. Equine Products Ireland was set up specifically to redress this imbalance back in favour of the customer.

Our aim is to provide “Best in class products” in the products respective range and to deliver the product to the customer at the best possible price. Yes, we have to make a profit to stay in business however the product is set up first and foremost to be the best product we can provide to the customer.

All of our products are tested by the Irish Equine Centre. We use only the best possible ingredients with zero
compromise on quality. Our customer service is 5 star and is unrivalled in the market.

Equine Products Ireland bring the personal touch and we are dedicated to setting the gold standard in equine care. We invite you to explore our range.

Empowering Champions

Equine Products Ireland is behind Europe's Leading Broodmare and young horse supplement Cal +. We specialize in delivering a comprehensive range of high-quality supplements for the modern thoroughbred all manufactured at our N.O.P.S.-approved facility.

Authorised Stockist of Equissage Digital Pulse

Equine Products Ireland also distributes the world-renowned Equissage Digital Pulse horse therapy system.  Equine Products Ireland is dedicated to setting the gold standard in equine care. We invite you to explore our range.

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