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Unlocking Peak Performance: The Power of Cal +, Equine Products Ireland's Premier Supplement

Unlocking Peak Performance: The Power of Cal +, Equine Products Ireland's Premier Supplement

Unlocking Peak Performance: The Power of Cal +, Equine Products Ireland's Premier Supplement

The Gold Standard in Equine Nutrition

At Equine Products Ireland, we understand the importance of optimal equine health and performance. Our flagship supplement, Cal +, is at the forefront of equine nutrition, providing unparalleled support for broodmares and young horses. Manufactured in our N.O.P.S.-approved facility in Ireland and endorsed by the prestigious Irish Equine Centre, Cal + is the epitome of excellence in equine care.

Nutritional Excellence for Tomorrow's Champions

Cal + stands out in the market, offering a suite of nutritional advantages that cater to the critical needs of broodmares and young horses. Its formulation is backed by scientific research, ensuring that each ingredient serves a purpose. With Cal +, horses benefit from enhanced intestinal health, improved nutrient digestion, and a fortified bone structure – key factors in nurturing the next generation of champions.

A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Equine Products Ireland is not only dedicated to equine health but also to environmental sustainability. Cal + reflects this commitment, reducing the emission of nitrogen-based substances and supporting a healthier planet. By choosing Cal +, you're selecting a product that cares for your horse and the environment.

Innovative Solutions for Bone Health and Injury Prevention

One of the remarkable benefits of Cal + is its proven ability to enhance bone tissue quality in foals, reducing the risk of skeletal disorders and supporting the well-being of young equine athletes. Additionally, Cal + aids in the prevention of training-related injuries, a testament to its scientific formulation and our dedication to equine safety.

A Trusted Name in Equine Care

Behind every tub of Cal + is the legacy of the Kelly family, who has nurtured Equine Products Ireland into a beacon of quality and innovation in the equestrian world. As a family-owned business, we imbue every product with our passion for equine health, ensuring that your horses receive the best care possible.

Explore the Excellence of Cal +

We invite you to explore the benefits of Cal + and the rest of our product range. With Equine Products Ireland, you're not just investing in supplements; you're embracing a tradition of excellence and a future of victory. Discover how Cal + can transform your horse's health and performance today.

Join us in setting the gold standard in equine care. Experience the difference with Cal + and Elevate your horse's potential to its pinnacle with Equine Products Ireland.