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CAL+ is specially formulated with essential nutrients for Mares,
Yearlings and Foals.

CAL+ supports the developing foetus and foal. It aids healthy bones, skeletal development and a healthy immune system. It promotes strong conformation and joint mobility and supports a healthy gut.

Cal+ contains Vitamin D3 which is essential to the horse's ability to absorb calcium and phosphorous.  it also contains Vitamin K3 which all research shows is essential for bone metabolism.

Significant research in Japan  has shown that the most effective way to supplement horses with Vitamin K is in the form of K3, or menadione. The most potent analogue for bone formation is menaquinone-4 (K2-4), which is formed when K3 is metabolized in the liver.  All recent research has shown that both are scientifically proven to be necessary for a horse's ability to absorb calcium and phosphorous and for bone metabolism.

Cal+ contains iodine which is regarded as one of the most critical dietary trace elements.  This is due to the important role that it plays in thyroid metabolism and in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine and thyrxine.  These hormones fulfil multiple functions from cell regulation to tissue differentiation and growth.

Our binding agent prolongs the process of digesting food thereby maximising the absorption of nutrients while entrapping and excreting the undesirable toxins through the faeces.  This process is caused by the ion-exchange properties of our binding agent. 

Our binding agent helps to support the animal's natural detoxification process, boost their energy and immune system, thereby improving their health and performance.  Our binding agent reduces the release of ammonia in the animal gut thus reducing odor in the stable area.

Cal+ has 150mg of copper per dose meaning no additional copper is required.

Contains: Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper Developed by Breeders for Breeders.


  • Mares
  • Yearlings
  • Foals


  • Supports developing foetus and foal
  • Aids healthy bones
  • Aids skeletal development
  • Supports a healthy gut


  • Boosting immunity and fertility
  • Better digestion of nutrients and a healthy digestive tract
  • Stronger bone and less bone related issues